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What our customers say about us

Here’s what people are saying about Villari’s Martial Arts Duarte.

Sensai Michelle is great with my kids and how she motivates them to do great. She really enjoys what she is teaching and always has positive things to say to the kids.”
Irene B.


“I’ve been training with Sensei Michcelle for 2 years now going on 3. I just gotta say out of the all Martial Arts studios I’ve tired, I liked Michelle’s studio the best and I find shaolin kempo to be a very interesting form of self defense and I urge anyone to try it out. :)”
Evan S.


“I started going to Villari’s Martial Arts Center on a Group on and I couldn’t have been happier. I have ended up staying long after the Group on had ended. Overall, the classes are a excellent value for the money. The instructor Michelle is extremely proficient and caters to the student’s skill level and desired results. Those saying they did not learn technique at this dojo did not take classes at this dojo (Perhaps they took the boot camp & cardio classes that are also offered at this facility?). Emphasis was always placed on technique and Sensei Michelle offers patience and expertise to students of all ages and levels. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking to learn everything from basic self defense to advanced martial arts & weapons training as I did.”

Tim S.


“My kids have been taking classes at Vallari in Duarte for over 2.5 years and they love it. Sensai Michelle is great; she is very fair, fun and has LOTS of patience with the kids. She also comes up with games to keep the classes fun and interesting for the kids. Highly recommend!”

Heather N.

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